The Lakota Path, imagine being a Native American or Cowboy at the edge of the Badlands or the foot of Devils Tower, and have a snowball fight in August in Rocky Mountain National Park.​

What makes our Camp truly unique is that our cabins are on wheels, we explore our National Parks and no two days at camp are the same. Every day is a new adventure.

Everyone  needs to experience the great wonders of our National Parks. View the sun rise or set over the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Lake or the Canyons of Utah. Watch wild buffalo, pronghorn antelope, elk or bear in their natural habitat. No where else in the world are the concentrations of natural wonders greater than in the routes we have planned this summer. We invite your kids* to join us and explore our National Parks. Walk with us and learn that which you cannot read about in a book or experience through a picture or movie. 

Anasazi Pass
June 23 - July 6

Ute Route
July 7 - July 20

The Ute Route, conquer the North Rim of the Grand Canyon by hiking the North Kaibab Trail to Roaring Springs and back; explore the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and the enormity of Canyonlands.

Lakota Path
Aug. 4 - Aug. 17

2020 Dates 

Shoshone Trail
July 21 - Aug. 3

The Shoshone Trail, discover the thrill of Old Faithful blasting off at Yellowstone, floating in the Great Salt Lake or the hot spring fed Firehole River and hike to hidden lakes in the Tetons.

The Anastasi Pass, experience summer sledding down The Great Sand Dunes, explore Ghost Towns, and trace the footsteps of the ancients who settled "the four corners" in Mesa Verde.​